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Site Anniversary 2005

This site commemorates Michael's life & extraordinary career every day & it was Rickyrocks' (Ricky Watcham) persistence & talent that pushed the project for a revamped site through. I am indebted to him for persevering through my skepticism & making this site a labor of love for the past 16 months.

There are many things to celebrate on this the first anniversary of the re-vamped tribute site for Michael. First of all the site just keeps growing & getting better & the wonderful, faithful fans who visit us day after day give us the motivation to push forward.

There are two things close to my heart as I write this, first of all we are presenting the biography, ‘Just A Man, The Real Michael Hutchence' on line beginning on January 22nd; & it is very important to both Patricia & me that people get to read Michael's story. Fans of INXS would be doing Michael a disservice to only read what has been reported in the press.

The other project I am excited about is a foundation for an ongoing scholarship in the arts for young, talented, disadvantaged students; in Michael's name which, is being launched this weekend. It is in its' infant stages, but I have faith that it will be a success & the goal as with this site, is to promote healing & restore the dignity & respect associated with Michael's legacy.

The wonderful, generous, individuals I have met on this site continually surprise & motivate me. Thank you all for your continued support & encouragement.

Tina Hutchence
January 22, 2005
California, USA.