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Welcome to The Fans section of this website. Here you will meet some of Michael's biggest fans, with those who were fortunate enough to meet him as well as those who haven't but still touched through his music both with INXS and on his solo projects.

This section is purely for the fans, where you get to share your experiences of meeting Michael Hutchence, seeing him in concert or even if its just your love of his music.

Please submit any of your stories and I will add them here as soon as possible (with pix if available) whether its with Michael, another INXS member, or even if its a pic of just you, that way you can share your story and get to know the other fans too. Some of the stories may be long but make for great reading and are truly inspirational.

Email your stories to....

Thank You
Ricky Watcham



Ricky Watcham ("Rickyrocks")

Its 1997, a Sunday night and in just a few hours I would meet Michael Hutchence as well as the rest of INXS, a night I had imagined over and over again so many times. And after months of much persistence and smooth-talking the staff at Polygram in South Africa, I had managed to get into the "meet & greet".
I think I spent the entire day rehearsing what I would say to Michael....so nervous that just minutes before going backstage I realised that my corduroy jacket was inside-out. Fixed that quick before anyone noticed. haha

So eventually we (the selected fans & press) are directed somewhere backstage and into a lounge-type room waiting for INXS to come out. I remember being so excited that two women told me I had the biggest smile on my face that they had ever seen.....I responded "..well I am about to meet Michael Hutchence". So finally a door opens and Michael comes walking out first....and he walks straight up to me. Maybe because I was the closest person to the door...or I had the biggest grin....not sure!! But he came straight up to me and said hello. (now forgive I am thinking hard to remember this....its all still a blur!!). Someone there introduced me to Michael as the biggest fan in South Africa, and I think he was somewhat surprised that INXS's earliest albums were even available in South Africa and that I had collected so much of their music. I cant remember the questions I asked him, and nothing I had rehearsed came to mind.

Ricky (webmaster) with Michael in South Africa, 1st June 1997

We spoke for about 5 minutes, and he genuinely seemed interested in the conversation, not once appearing as if he wanted to be somewhere else. About a minute into our conversation and the concert co-ordinator came up and told Michael that he was needed for a press photo, he told her that he would come when he was finished talking to me. A few minutes later she returned and he once again sent her on her way. He was everything I had imagined...and more. At the end of our conversation one of the press photographers that I had met days before came up to take a photo. Michael was so cool, threw his arm around me as if we were the best of friends. I was completely speechless.

After that I went on to meet the rest of the band, although could get to Gary on time before they were rushed off to the stage. After making my way to the front row of the stage where my friends were waiting, but in all honesty I was so awe-struck that I don't remember the first 3/4 songs of the concert.

Later after the concert , I (along with my brother and best friend) got invited into the After Party by Tim and Jon and upon entering had Andrew bring us bottles of Corona (which I still have to this day!!!). Didn't see much of Michael, he was pre-occupied "rockstar-style" chatting to the ladies.

I can honestly say that after that night, I felt like I had lived life and couldn't ask for anything else!

Thank you Michael.


Karine with Michael in Paris, 24th October 1990

I have been a fan of INXS since I first saw them on a French
TV show called "Les Enfants du Rock" (it was a special show about Australian music) in January 1984. I was 11 years old then!!
20 years have gone and I am still very much into their music... even if I miss Michael very much.
I have met the band during various TV shows and gigs.. (11 times from 1985 to 1997, and 4 times since 2002).
I have wonderful memories of every single minute I have spent with them all, and especially Michael.. because he was not only a great performer, but also a wonderful man very friendly.. with a beautiful soul.

Shari Hickey ("Shari")

Shari (left) with friend in Austin, Texas (February 2004)

To start at the beginning, I first was exposed to INXS through MTV and their video “Don't Change” in 1984. I was an immediate fan. ‘The Swing' came out and then ‘Listen Like Thieves' both albums proving these guys weren't just another band. Luckily a few older, “hipper” friends at my high school (small town, Texas …) had heard of them and provided me and another friend with a ride to San Antonio to see INXS at a great old theatre called the Majestic. It was Nov. 20, 1985 . Their second US tour, I believe. What a show! I knew then they were something special, and Michael was an angel to behold on stage! I had just turned 16 the day before, so you know I was full of hormones and Michael's name was on every one of them!!

After the concert, my friends and I decided to hang around in the back alley behind the Majestic just so we could MAYBE get a glimpse of the band as they left. We waited for a few minutes before we were told by one of the roadies that they weren't there, and to try the Gunther Hotel across the street from the theatre. Well, we were in the front lobby of the hotel and decided after a few minutes to leave because we thought we had missed them. As we were heading out, Garry Gary Beers strolled in with a few people. Then Tim Farris! We weren't the only fans waiting to see them, so they were pretty much surrounded as soon as everyone noticed who they were. They were really nice and spent time talking with us and signing autographs. Most of the people left after they proceeded to go up to their rooms, but we stayed because I wasn't leaving until I saw Michael! Then I spotted him, in the hotel lounge, sitting at the bar talking with a woman. I didn't think, because of my age, I could just walk in there, (I was a little naive) so I stood at the threshold dreamingly watching him just being another guy at the bar. There was a group of older people sitting at the table near the entrance of the bar and one of them, seeing how anxious I was, asked me what the situation was. I told them the story, it was my 16 th birthday the day before and that guy over there at the bar was in my favorite band and I wanted to get his autograph, but I was too scared to just walk in and go up to him. Well, they convinced me that if I wanted to meet him that badly, I should just go up to him and ask him! My friends were also getting a little impatient with me, so I took a deep breath and started walking towards the bar. With each step my heart beat faster. Finally I got a couple of feet away, with my pen and paper (a concert flyer) in (shaking) hand,I said, hesitantly, “Excuse me…Michael?” (He was in the middle of a conversation with the woman he was sitting with) he turned towards me and said very sweetly, “yes”. I nervously proceeded, “…yesterday was my 16 th birthday, and I'd really appreciate it if I could have your autograph…” he just gave me this great smile and said “sure… happy birthday” just then my friend Sharon came up and we proceeded to talk with him. We asked him about how the tour was going, if they liked Texas , what a great show it was, and a couple of other things I can't remember too clearly. He was so nice and honestly made us feel like there wasn't anyone else around or like we were intruding. After a few minutes we decided to let him get back to his conversation (we didn't want to be pests!) He gave each of us a big hug, and gave me a kiss on my cheek and said “Happy Birthday” again. We left the bar just as a few other people started gathering around him. I was on cloud nine for the rest of the year! I swear I didn't wash the cheek he kissed for a week! I still have the pen he wrote with and of course the autographs. Unfortunately, it was a pink pen of all things and it's faded into the paper, so it is barely visible, but the memory is one of the best I have. I've met a few other “rock stars” over the years, but none of them have been as warm and gracious as Michael was that night.

AAHH…to be 16 again, in the arms of Michael Hutchence…..

Another great story I have is the way I came to get tickets for their “Get out of the House” sold-out show in Dallas on May 10, 1993 . It was the morning of the concert, I had already missed the Kick tour and the Calling All Nations tour, so I was pretty bummed that I was going to miss them again. Especially since they were only 10 shows on the tour, and in scaled down venues, after becoming so huge. I was listening to the radio, and they had just come into a couple of tickets and “one lucky listener” was going to win them. I said out of the blue, to my boyfriend at the time (who was also a HUGE fan) “God wants me to win, you watch!” Of course, he just laughed at me, but I was to have the last laugh.

The DJ announced that they were going to ask the 7 th caller some questions. You not only had to be the 7 th caller, but you also had to answer all of the questions right! So, after a few minutes they announced for the 7 th caller. I dialed the number, and had to hit re-dial a couple of times, but on the third try the line rang! They picked up, “You're the 7 th caller!” Then I had to take the quiz they had made up…..the DJ named 5 people's names, they were either in INXS, In jail, or Incompetent (get it?) Of course I knew who was in INXS, but the other names I just guessed on (the others were politicians or criminals). I won the tickets, thanked God, called in sick to work, and my boyfriend and I drove the 3 hours to Dallas and had the greatest time! INXS rocked that night, and Michael was amazing! I was lucky enough to see INXS on the “Full Moon Dirty Hearts” tour on Nov. 30 th that same year in Austin . It would be the last time I would see them perform live. To this day, there hasn't been a band that's even come close to INXS, and I have seen countless bands live. I wish I could be given another chance to witness the passion of Michael's performance. He never let me down.

Carolyne Gill ("Caz")

Carolyne "Caz" Gill (February 2004)

I had been a fan since "This Time" and really wanted to meet Michael, he fascinated me, he was unlike some rockstars of the time, unpretentious. A friend of mine had been following the progress of the band since The Swing and had met them on quite a few occasions (and been to some backstage parties at hotels...) and managed to get us the opportunity of going to some kind of press thing to do with release of KICK in UK to take a photo or two of him.

So there I was, taken to hotel, to meet the man himself. He greeted my friend with a hug and hello and then asked me my name. "Carolyne" I just managed to speak. He thought that was funny as my friend shared the same name. He said to her that he had to do official stuff first but would be over in a bit. About half hour passed, photocalls, interviews etc... Then he came bounding over to us. Sat down and talked with us for a while. he was natural, softly spoken, very funny, charming and adorable. he made me feel so at ease. While I was looking for something for him to sign...(hehehe) I pulled my cigarettes from my coat pocket. he grabbed the pack and took one, "Lets go be naughty" were his words. So there we were outside the hotel, smoking like a couple of kids behind the bikesheds. my friend got some great photos, I nearly set fire to his hair lighting his cigarette, came away with no autograph but very happy memories.

Thanks for the memories Michael....you star!

Alice ("Xsgirl")

Alice (Xsgirl) and her cat  (February 2004)

What can be said after reading  these beautiful stories of the people that had the amazing (an understatement) opportunity of meeting Michael... I am not among the ones that had the chance nor the occasion of meeting him but I'd like to tell you the story of how I discovered Michael and Inxs!

It all started in 1997 after seeing on MTV "Elegantly Wasted", a video that was on high-rotation at that time and which kept me glued to the TV every time it was played!!! The moment I saw Michael,  I fell under the spell of his divine voice and I was conquered in a second by his looks! I couldn't get this song out of my head ...such a great sound, such a beautiful voice and the lead singer...so so handsome!! Who could have resisted to that? All these made me decide to go and search for the album of this band, Inxs. I always felt that there was something that God had to do with this, the way I found the album, so quickly.

All these years I have tried to remember when exactly did I buy it, but I never could. Weird, I remember even what i was wearing when I bought it, who was with me...but not the month all this happened.  I just recall asking timidly about the album knowing for sure that I wouldn't find it that soon... Back then, new albums didn't use to get this quickly here(so I thought).. but to my great surprise I was told that I'm in luck, they have the last copy. I couldn't believe my ears!!! Can you imagine? The very last copy in the very first music store I set my foot in!! Who knows what would have happened had I not found it that particular day... That's why I'll always remember that day as being so distinct, especially after what I was to hear in just a few months...the most shocking news ever!!!

Strangely, the very same person that was with me when I bought the album was the same(my mother) that called me from the next room to tell me what she had  just  heard on the radio that terrible terrible day!!  From that moment my life totally changed.  I began trying to find out more about Inxs and to my huge surprise I discovered how blind I had been until that time. It all came back to my mind: I had seen  before videos like "Baby don't cry", "Need you tonight", "Suicide blonde", "The Strangest Party"(a video I used to like back then in '94) but unfortunately at that time I didn't get interested enough to find out more. I really hated myself for that and I've always put it on my age. If I hadn't been that young I would have realized what great musicians I had before my very eyes. I was so young when these videos were played on MTV...and when I first saw "Elegantly wasted" I was only 16.  But for some reason, God wanted me to discover Michael's beautiful voice a little bit later, but too late, at the last minute.  Anyway, I am very grateful for having discovered their music and Michael's unique voice, one that will always resound in my mind and  heart no matter how many years may pass!!  Despite all the sadness that still leaves in my heart for everything that happened , I wouldn't trade it for anything in this whole wide world!

Thank you, Michael for the magic you brought into my life !

Abby Wondrasek

Abby Wondrasek

I was won over by INXS's live performance, but I became a true "fan" because of the people they were, and especially the person Michael was.  INXS was touring with Listen Like Thieves the summer I turned 16.  I had seen The One Thing video, and liked This Time, which was playing on the radio at the time, but other than that I didn't know much about them ...
until my then-boyfriend took me to their concert. Nevermind the fact that I was one week shy of 16 and hormones were probably in full swing (okay, maybe we can't disregard that ... LOL).  I was completely blown away, mesmerized throughout the whole performance by that amazing lead singer jumping, swiveling, slithering, swinging, around that stage.  Too bad for
my then boyfriend, right? :-)  He always said he created a monster by taking me to that concert.  I beg to differ. 

From that point on, I was known as THE INXS FAN (or, more appropriately, the MICHAEL fan) in my highschool.  I felt it was my personal mission to promote them, and did I ever.  By the time KICK came out, many people in my neck of the woods already knew about them ("oh yah, that's that band Abby Sutton's always talking about!").  Of course, then I felt mildly
resentful that INXS got so huge ... how in the world was I ever going to get my front-row-center seats now! LOL.  But seriously, I was elated that Kick flew up the charts, and I did manage to drag a friend 2 hours away to that concert (no front-row-center, though).

Early-20s angst came, personal relationship turmoil ensued, and I stopped following the band while I tried to sort out my own life.  Luckily, by the late 90's everything was back in order, and in early 1997, we finally got internet access.  How grateful I am for that, I'll never be able to express.  I immediately found and joined the INXS-list, got all the info about the EW tour, and managed to make it to three of the
concerts.  My dreams of front-row-center seats finally came true in Milwaukee, WI ... I was standing there, feeling on top of the world, when the stage manager came out to announce that the concert was cancelled due to Michael having sprained his ankle!  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right ... my friends, husband, and I managed to make it to the band's hotel, where they were all, sans Michael, hanging out in the
bar. They happily invited us to join them, and it turned into a beautiful evening.  And, I did also finally get to meet Michael at the other concerts (and at the airport the day following one of the concerts), which was another dream come true.

I was absolutely devastated when a friend called to tell me the news in November, 1997.  I truly felt like I had lost an old and dear friend.  Funny, but I kept going over in my mind what I could have said to him differently that might have changed things (why did I ask him if he'd ever sing Johnson Aeroplane again? why didn't I tell him how great the new stuff was and
how I thought the band was going in a great new direction? ... why didn't I ask him why he had such sadness in his eyes?).  Amazing how we can all feel like we were somewhat to blame, even when we only had brief encounters.  Irrational, but it still happens.

Anyway, Michael was and is and will always be a huge part of my life.  Something about his soul touched me in a way that will always remain, and I feel very blessed to have been able to enjoy and admire him in the short time he was with us.  Thank you, Michael, for everything.  We love you.


Silmara Hewson

Silmara (right) with her cousin Lara

I haven't heard about Michael until 1997, when I watched the breaking news on MTV. I asked my sister who he was and remembered about Need You Tonight- I had it in one of my tapes. That week, my cousin and me listed intently the radio to record the new song -Elegantly Wasted. We were always watching everything about INXS, to know more about that young singer who died. I just became a real fan in 98, when I was 11 years old. I liked Bon Jovi a lot, but never felt the same passion as when I was listening to INXS. Michael's voice, beauty and talent just enchanted me.

When I watched Live Baby Live for the first time, I could see how he put his soul on his songs and how the public reacted -and this love was everywhere he was. In 2002 I saw INXS live for the first time, and when they played “Never Tear Us Apart” I felt like my heart had stopped, and couldn't help my tears. How I wish I had met Michael- how I wish he were here. I love him and miss him every single day.

Michael, you mean so much for me! Thank you for the years you shared you talent to us, you will always be into my heart. Rest in peace.


Lynne Lucas

Lynne Lucas

I'm Lynne Now in Atlanta Georgia when I first heard of inxs I was in small town usa. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to meet michael , as for all the ones who met him I guess I will have to live vicariously through you. Much like a movie,our lives have soundtracks;and looking back on my life Inxs' music has played a big part in it. In 1983 Don't change was the first
songs of theirs I heard.

1984 brought in me at 21 good times, good music , The swing in particular the first inxs cassette I bought. Listen like thieves then followed with what you need being the first video i saw of theirs.Then kick oh my, with Need you tonight being the first good look at the band and wow So this is Inxs! When michael step out of the shadows it was mesmerizing; the way he
worked the camera, the look in his eyes of strength and vulnerability that are in the pictures i've seen on various websites to this day was amazing!Well you get the picture Max Q, X, Welcome to Wherever you are,Full Moon Dirty Hearts, Elegantly Wasted many  Life events,videos,concert tapes,
Etc.Then November 22,1997 the soundtrack involving Michael, for a while stopped! I put all things inxs on shelves I didn't look at or listen to anything for three years. I completely blocked everything out of my mind; this happened automatically i never tried to do this.In 2000, two Documentaries and a self titled Cd brought all of this back to mind and it hit hard with a thud! I began working with 2 people that knew and loved michael and inxs music. We talked a lot,exchanged memorabilia and this along with meeting ones on various message boards Helped me to be able to listen to the music,  and look at the videos and  enjoy them again. With dear ones sending me new material I've never seen before, and talking to people like you, the Michael Hutchence soundtrack gladly continues on in my life.

Lynne Aka Momma Boss

Cathy van der Woerd

Cathy (middle) with her sister Nanette and Andrew Farriss

"I post here at Tina and Ricky's amazing site so often, I think people who come here, know what a fan of Michael & INXS
I am! So I'll just talk about the evening this picture was taken. It was my first and only meet and greet (got the passes after arriving at the venue at 3:00 am to be one of the first fifty in line before tickets went on sale, from a radio station). So my sister, Nanette, and I went. We we sooooo nervous beforehand that we had one of those cocktails in a can before going in.(hers a Long Island Ice Tea, and me a Martini...no olive :( lol)  Once inside with everyone, it didn't seem that scary. We first saw Andrew, and he was kind of by himself. So, Nanette, feeling a bit brave went to him, extending her arm and said "Andrew, its so nice to meet you!" His reply was, "and you are?" At which point she was speechless! Sam Evans from management coached her to tell him her name. She did, then and introduced me too. Then Sam took the picture. After that Tim came around, and was so friendy! He really put us at ease. Jon came around, just signing autographs as he was talking to someone else. We got a few words with Garry, but he seemed a bit shy. THEN, I saw Michael! I left my poor sister ,as I just had to get near Michael! And near I did...I waited next to him patiently  for my turn for an autograph.  He seemed subdued, and I don't remember him talking to people. This was the day Kurt Cobain died, and I thought that maybe  that was perhaps why he may have been as quiet. But I just remember, he looked "golden" (as I recall another fan had mentioned.) He was so handsome. I would have loved to have touched his face like the girl in the Cut Your Roses  video, but had my wits about me  that would have seemed odd! Still, like everyone says, you felt special in Michael's presence, and I'm included!!"



Unfortunately my story isn't about meeting the man himself, but rather a story of how one person can touch the life of someone he has never even met. It starts pretty badly, I first went to see INXS on the X tour (age 13) after hearing a little bit of them as the result of Michael being Kylie's boyfriend.  At that stage I was far from obsessed, more just wanting to check them out - oh how things change..... My older brother took me to the concert and watched me become obsessed, INXS everything!! It wasn't like any other obsession I'd had and although at High School it wasn't necessarily 'cool' to like INXS, I was hooked. I collected and still have every article written about them or rather Michael, video's, to-shirts etc etc... I also went to every concert that came up, sometimes even sleeping out for tickets (much to my older brothers pain).  Underage, I even managed to find a way into the over 18 shows.... It's hard to put my journey into a story because there is just so much and so many 'times' that I can't put into words.

Another time I remember being at the airport seeing someone off, when who should wonder by but Michael Hutchence and Helena Christensen...ARGH - I froze - I couldn't talk, let alone move....so my mother was both yelling at me....go on go on run after them....I couldn't - so mum being mum sent my brother after them for an autograph or something....unfortunately he didn't catch up to them....I cried for days...I still regret freezing... It's funny how someone as famous as Michael was can affect the life of an unknown - Michael Hutchence was like a member of our family... On the day of his death...I arrived home after a partying all night.... my brother had earlier been driving to cricket and upon hearing the news couldn't function knowing how devastated I would be.... My mother was out shopping and heard the news, she drove straight home to find out where I was... I arrived home, not knowing....my parents sat me down and told me the news....I don't think I've ever sobbed so hard, it was hard to believe that this person I'd spent a large part of my life believing in was gone....I was angry and grieving when my parents put me on a bus to Sydney - they said they knew I had to go....(amazing parents) So off I went to Sydney...I stayed in a little backpackers lodge and visited the church, the Ritz-Carlton and watched the press gather outside Paula's hotel.

On the morning of the funeral, I was lucky enough and honoured to be allowed in the church to say goodbye....it was an incredible moment..... I was also thankful to the family who acknowledged the large part their son had played in the lives of his fans....we got a chance to say our goodbyes..... putting this into words does not do justice the feelings that Michael evoked.....nothing can describe his presence or the amount of influence he held over so many of our lives.... I still collect Michael articles, pictures and press......he lives on in my heart and my memories... Thanks... Anonymous..

Laura Detour

Laura and her god son Cole

When I think about growing up in the '80s and '90s, 2 distinct bands come to mind.  One of those bands is INXS.  From the moment that I first saw "The One Thing" on MTV at a friend's house (since my family didn't have cable yet), I was hooked on their unique music, fascinated that they came from a country called Australia (did they ride around on kangaroos, I wondered), and had a teenage crush on more than one band member! Shabooh Shoobah was the first cassette I bought.  I remember listening to it on my Sony Walkman for so long, the earpieces turned my ears blue!   When my family FINALLY got MTV, I would run home from school & watch MTV for 4 hours, until my parents got home.

Every INXS album (and some singles) that came out after that I would buy as soon as I got my allowance (& paycheck when I got a "real job".) Over the years, their music has been a major factor in my life.  When I think about many significant moments in my life, an INXS song is playing in the background.  I always told myself some day I would see them in concert.  One awful day I was running errands & heard on the radio that Michael was dead.  I cried for days at the loss of such a wonderful singer and for his family's and friend's loss, and I will always regret that I never got to see him live and in person.  But through Michael's music, he will live on and help me remember & relive so many good times from my journey so far on this Earth!



MaryAnn with Michael on September 5, 1997 in York PA

In the fall of 1997, I was able to see the band in concert  on 4 separate occassions.  The first show was Sept. 5th, 1997 at teh York Expo Center in York, PA.  The show was such a surprise, being in my home town. The concert was great and Michael was vintage "Hutch" in the true sense of the preformer that he always was. By vintage, I say this in respect to his mannerisms...such as, sexy, crazy, seductive, talented...FUN!  The set list was a mixture from "Don't Change" to "Don't Lose your Head."  The band was in top form! I was given a laminate VIP for this tour and thought that I was extremely lucky to have come this far with INXS.  The meet and greet for the York Show was festive and the band was in high spirits. Michael had twisted his ankle and was sitting down trying to wrap it again, when I got backstage.  He invited my sister and I for a sandwich and a drink.

Lisa and Hutch on September 5 1997 at the York Fair, York, PA

He spoke with us like we were old friends.  He seemed sad, and somewhat preoccupied.  Then out of the blue he spoke harshly and negatively about Bob Geldolf.  I was stumped...not sure how to reply.  So, I changed the subject to his lovely daughter, Tiger Lily.  Suddenly, Michael became less angry.  He then began to brag about his little girl.  "She's so smart" "She says to me Da Da Da"  "She's really sweet and good..." , he continued.  The next couple of times I saw Michael, he seemed tired.  But, still went out of his way to be cordial and joking with me and my sister.  He greeted us with big ole' hugs in Pittsburgh.  A memory I cherish in the corners of my heart. Off stage he seemed quieter, than that seductive singer onstage.  He was "shy" if you can imagine that. On a final note, I feel blessed to have been at the show in Pittsburgh and share some moments with Hutch.  This turned out to be his last show. 

Peace & Love
MaryAnn aka "Hutch's Red Rose"

Helen Coburn

I was only around 18 years old at the time when I decided that I liked “In Excess” and that “INXS” (inkses) group, how silly I felt when I found out they were one and the same but I loved their music regardless and in particular Michael. At that time I loved most of the 80's music that was being churned out but I really held the Australian groups close to my heart. Around the same time I was caught up in planning my wedding and doing all the things everyday life deals out so eventually INXS were still there but at the back of my mind like all the other bands. It wasn't until Need you tonight was aired a few years later on New Years Eve 1988 that my interest suddenly picked up once again.

A year later when my financial situation changed I was able to buy such luxuries as Kick and The Swing and enjoy listening to them constantly. Music yet again was taking another turn in my life but my favourite Aussie bands remained dormant in the back of my mind while I discovered the new look Bon Jovi, revisited U2 and became familiar with Guns ‘n' Roses. INXS were touring in 1991 and I seriously considered going to their concert but at 3 months pregnant thought it might not be a good idea to stand squashed in a crowd for hours. So I missed out and slowly the Bon Jovi phenomenon took over and the others remained dormant for a few years, by that I mean they were still my favourites, just not to the extent that they had been.

Early in 1995 I had the weirdest dream that I was at the airport meeting Helena Christenson and I was worried that Michael wasn't with her anymore. While talking to her she assured me things were alright between them and then Michael got off the plane and walked over acknowledging me as he would a friend and I felt happy and relieved they were still together. On my way to work the next morning an announcement over the news shocked me, saying that Michael had split with Helena and he was going out with Paula. That dream still haunts me.

Still following INXS in 1997 I was excited to hear they were going to tour Australia for their 20 th anniversary. For some reason it felt special to have them here. At the time I was very pregnant with my 3 rd child so there would be no concert going – good timing again guys. With obvious other things on my mind I wasn't paying much attention to the news until Saturday 22 November. On my couch feeling and looking every bit like a beached whale I heard the headlines, something about INXS and Michael Hutchence in Sydney and got all excited as I remembered Michael was here. With my eyes instantly glued and my hearing sharpened for the story, I could not believe what they were saying, tears sprang to my eyes and I looked at my husband who just nodded as he had heard earlier but never said anything. I felt silly crying so waited until I could cry in private. My son was born two weeks later. Three months earlier a work colleague would tell me of her sadness for her favourite singer who had died young – little did I know I would soon know what she was experiencing!

Michael and INXS have remained in my heart ever since but once again have been brought to the forefront this year (2004) with the release of “I'm only looking”. I do have my sad moments when watching some of the videos as the reality sets in that there is an empty space where Michael once thrived. Now when I look back at the 1985 Australian production INXS special that I am so glad was taped and fell into my hands, I can't help the sad feeling that lingers. The program was made in 1985 and featured video clips and documentary plus interviews with Michael and Tim. The end credits are filled with home video footage of them all having fun and what looks like “growing up in Australia ”, when things seemed so at peace and simple. That tape is now part of my INXS collection as it also now contains the Michael Hutchence story that was aired in 2000.

To mark the 7 th anniversary I wrote this poem for Michael as I had to get what I was feeling on paper and out of my head.

Here I sit, so sad and lonely
At the passing of INXS's one and only
Treasuring the time of bygone days
And trying to adjust to life's new ways

An empty space where once you thrived
Your spirit comforts those who've cried
Still real hard to understand
Why you had to leave this once great land

The sun may be shining
And the sky will not fall
But inside my heart
I feel nothing at all

For there is still no answer, as to why
And today I'm excused for this tear in my eye
I play your music up loud for all to hear
Your sweet voice that we've missed for the seventh year.

Helen Coburn – 22 November 2004

Debbie Johnston

I will never forget the time I met Michael Hutchence in my
home town of Maidstone, Kent. I was walking past the local court when I saw it was packed with the press all waiting with cameras and many trying to find a good spot for their tripods. When I asked what was going on I found that Michael was due in court due to a scuffle with the press at a hotel in Kent so I thought I would go inside and try to see if I could catch sight of this love god who I had always admirred.

Being I was with my mum and 4 year old daughter who was in a pushchair they couldn't get through the crowd so I went in alone and found he was in court 2. I stood there for a while hoping someone would come out so I could look through the door but after about 4 mins nothing happened until I went to walk away when some press turned up and who were allowed into the court. Next thing I knew they were charging in (with me in the middle of them). I did not know what to do so I found the nearest seat to me and kept looking around to see if I could see Michael and i could not believe I was 2 seats away from him and all I did was stare. He turned and looked at me with a slight smile I will never forgot this day even if I did stay for a hour while my mum was waiting outside gettting madder with me as I did say I would be only a few minutes but it wasnt my fault.

debbie  (maidstone)

Lesley "Aussierockchic"

Lesley (bottom) and her friends with Kirk Pengilly, 1st January 1985

The first time I met INXS and Michael was in 10th April 1984 when they played Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide, Australia. I was nearly 15 years old, and talked my parents into letting me go with a friend and her older sister who could drive. INXS were already big in Oz, and just taking off overseas I think. I remember the stage having a big catwalk coming out of it, and we were situated at the end of it. When INXS came out on stage a huge roar erupted, especially when Michael came out. He always had that stage presence, that "look at me I AM MEANT TO BE A ROCKSTAR". He just had us girls in his hands from the very start.

Anyway the gig was great we were singing and dancing. After the gig we decided we would go the stage door and wait for the guys. We sat out there for well over an hour I think, then the door opened, we nearly fell back because we were sitting against it. lol. Anyway Jon Farriss, Garry Beers, and Tim Farriss came out we asked for autographs (couldn't take pics coz i ran out of film) then Kirk, Andrew and Michael appeared. Michael was dressed in black tight jeans and a new fresh shirt. His hair long and curly, you know short of sides and long at back. He was in a great mood, slightly intoxicated but happy! I asked him for his autograph and he said "Sure, did you enjoy the show?" And it was hard for the words to come out, just to say "yes i did, it was great"! I walked with Michael to the van, as he signed my autograph book. When I looked later unfortunately its a little faint and a bit of a scribble, this being because of Michael's intoxication LOL but i dont mind because he was so lovely.

The next time I saw INXS was 1st january 1985, it was the International Year of Youth, and INXS, The Models and a local adelaide band were playing at Football Park. My friends and I arrived at the airport at midday to catch INXS and The Models arrive from Melbourne. The Model's plane arrived first half hour before INXS. We met them (big aussie band in 80s too), had photos etc. And waited for INXS we were so excited! The plane touched down and we waited in the baggage section , Michael walked thru the doors first, he was with his girlfriend Michelle I assume it was, He was in black as usual, and looked every bit the rockstar, we were too afraid to approach him. Anyway the band came into the terminal to collect their luggage. There was a delay so the guys were sitting around waiting, so we took the opportunity to get our albums signed. I had The Swing and Inxsive albums signed. I asked Jon Farris if he had a nice xmas and new years, and he said he wasn't quite over the celebrations yet. He asked if we were going to the show that night, and we said yes. I continued to get everyone's autographs. Michael signed THE SWING, which I cherish now.

We walked out of the airport with Kirk, the others were waiting in the hired van for him, they were driving themselves to the hotel would you believe! lol They were all in the van, but Jon was hanging out the top of the sunroof! They all waved to us as we walked to our car. Such lovely guys. Michael was shy I think, and he had his girlfriend with him so, to me seemed to want to keep to himself.

We got a great position in the front row at the gig, we had to run for our lives when the gates opened! But we got the position. The local band came on around 7pm then The Models, then of course INXS. They opened with The Swing, Kirk remembered us and smiled at us, and during Dont Change, Jon looked straight at me and smiled and we sang the song looking at each other! lol. I was in heaven. Michael was in a great mood, he looked gorgeous, he had this outfit on that looked like some sort of soft space suit, he had it unzipped down the front and you could see his chest. I cant remember what song it was, but Michael got so sexy, he squatted down in front of us, and sort of rubbed himself and we were like omg!!! lol Remember i'm around 16 here! lol

At the end of the show, Michael said this was the biggest audience they had ever played to.. 22,000 people. Rhett makes reference to it in his book. I know later that playing Wembley etc was bigger lol but Adelaide was the first big audience!!! woo hoo and I was there!!

The next time I saw them was 2nd October 1985 at Memorial Drive. This time we sat in the stands, then moved to the lawn. As usual they were brilliant. They played songs from the new album then, Listen like Thieves, and of course the other music. Didn't get to meet Michael again though. But I will always cherish having met him. I still cant believe that such a wonderful man is no longer on this earth. But his spirit always lives on in his music and through his lovely daughter. I hope she is being taught about what a wonderful person her dad was, and how he brought love, peach and happiness to the his many fans.

I just want to add that I remember the last tour being announced here in Australia. I was on holiday in country Victoria with my husband and kids, and i said to him wow 20 years INXS have been around, I must go to that concert when it hits Adelaide. That was in October, then November came and I was watching tv one saturday afternoon, and there was a news flash, saying The lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence, has been found dead in his Sydney hotel room. Apparently suicide. Tears welled in my eyes and I called my husband and told him what i just heard. I could not believe it, I could not believe that he would do that, not leave his precious daughter. Anyway later that week i sat and watched the funeral broadcast live on tv. It was a lovely service and I sat crying the whole time, especially as the members of INXS and Rhett carried Michael out of the church, to Never Tear Us Apart.
That song will always remind me of Michael's funeral. It was fitting.

Michael will never be forgotten. I'm honoured that I met him so long ago. His memory will live forever in his fans and his music. Peace Love and Happiness Michael.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my memories. Thankyou.

Lesley, aka Aussie xx

Sonya "hutch4eva"

Hey Tina and everyone,

I just was thinking about a funny night we had during the Kick tour. I was 20 years old, young, wild and carefree and my friend and I were staying at the same hotel as INXS even thought I lived in the city. Our room was right down the hall from Michael's as a matter of fact because I called the hotel and told them I was Bruce Patron's (tour manager) assistant and needed to add a room. Now, thinking back that was stupid for the hotel to actually book me on the floor that was reserved for the band.

Anyway, after the concert we went to our room and got all gussied up and went to the lobby. Kirk was down there hanging out talking to fans and took pictures with us, etc...We ran up to our floor because we knew we were the only fans up there and wanted to bump into Michael. Well we started feeling silly and my friend was standing in our room and said, "you think if I climb out the window and scale a couple room I can find Hutch..." we were laughing so hard because of course she was kidding. She was actually standing on the table by the window as if trying to figure it out....so, we went into the hall, walked the floor (a circular tower floor) and pressed our ears against the doors. we were giggling until we heard Michael's voice. OMG! It was like, *gasp* "uhh, Michael!" we just bolted back to our rooms. He was actually right up the hall. Imagine that. It was like he was sooo hot and sexy we couldn't stand it. We were two inexperienced young ladies just wanting to be near him. -such silly girls-

We knew Michael would be slick enough to fiqure out we smooth talked our way to a room on that floor and either would give us props for being smart enough to get what we wanted or we were psychos. He'd seen us earlier and might get freaked out we thought. Well, we went back down to the lobby and ran into Jon Farris along the way. He was on crutches, broken foot I think. He was a such an angel. We quite enjoyed hanging out with him.

Next morning, we were getting ready to check out and thought the band was long gone. Missed him! We were at the elevator and had our bags with us. Heard people coming around the corner. We looked at eachother in wonder. Heard a man clear his throat. Our eyes bugged out....we mouthed to eachother, "It's Michaelllll..." It was him, with who I now think was Jonnie. We tried to act all cool. "Hey, what's going on?" he asked us with a cute grin. We were like, "Hi Michael. Your show was sooooo great last night." the girl didn't say anything but she had a pleasant smile on her face. **I would too if I were with Michael** he signed our tour books and gave us hugs before he got on the elevator which had other people on it. I said, "shoot, I forgot someting in my room". I hadn't I just needed a moment. We both screamed and hugged..."OMG he smells soooo good..." Just then Jon Farris came around to the elevator, we helped him with his bag. poor thing was on crutches remember? He chatted us up a bit and we rode the elevator together along with some bikers who were in town for a Harley Davidson convention, which INXS was impressed by. When the elevator opened, Jon told the other people, "excuse us..." as if we were with him. we acted all important, we loved the attention. Michael was down in the lobby when we got there and then they went to the bus. Our ride was waiting as well. That was one of my favorite concert weekends.
It would be a few years before I met Hutch again...

Just thought I'd share my silly story with ya'll. I hope Michael knew how much happiness he brought people just by a simple moments attention.

((Peace and hugs))
Sonya xoxo

Sonya "hutch4eva"

This is hard to share.  Some may feel I should get over it (it's not easy to get over Michael Hutchence), but this is my story in a brief form, of the last time I saw Michael, late August/early September 1997 (I can't remember the date exactly).

At the time I was working for an airline and we had an office in the lobby at a hotel.  As a matter of fact, the same hotel mentioned in my other story ‘meeting Michael on the Kick Tour'.  I had heard lots of advertisements on the radio that INXS was coming to town promoting Elegantly Wasted. I had planned on going, but hadn't gotten a ticket yet.  All of my INXS girlfriends had moved all over the country and I would go alone.  Life was busy for me, having a boyfriend, work etc…so the concert slipped my mind.  One day, a big tour bus pulled up and I looked out the window behind my desk (which was in the lobby).  I asked this guy who it was, he said “INXS”.  Oh my God!  I gasped, I couldn't believe I forgot for one, then what are the chances they come to the hotel as I was working there?  How cool is that?  I stepped from behind my desk, hoping no one showed up to buy a ticket because I was going to tell them I was taking a break.  I stood there, in my flight attendant-like uniform and waited for the guys to come in.  Kirk and Jon came in, I spoke and they were cool, Kirk smiling as usual (I've never seen him not pleasant) and then Michael came through the sliding doors.  I looked away blushing at first, because well, it was ‘Michael' okay? And he was still super sexy. At first, I was so shocked by his appearance, black hair, those glasses and something was missing, it's like he had gone Goth or something.  The spark he had in previous years was a little dimmed, but I didn't think much of it at the time because years go by and we all change our style…anyways, Michael had a shoe in his hand and was limping when he came in.  I spoke and asked what happened and he apparently missed the step coming off the bus and hurt his ankle or foot. I felt like I won the jackpot because no other fans were there, just me.  I wondered how he would perform.  I told him I hoped to get to the show but hadn't gotten my ticket yet.  Michael told me “go see him, right there…” gesturing towards this guy who was standing outside by the bus.  I said “okay, maybe I'll see you guys later?” Michael was really kind to me.  I don't know if I'd be so nice after I hurt my foot. The guy was watching us so I knew he'd know why I was coming out there.  He took my name and told me a pass would be waiting at the show.  I went home, changed and drove to the venue.  There were tons of fans standing outside the theatre.  I parked and walked back by the buses behind the theatre.  I saw the same guy who said he would have a pass for me.  He told me Michael couldn't perform so the show was going to cancel. I was so sad I couldn't tell you. But he promised he'd remember me when they made the show up before leaving the States.  I didn't try to see Michael or any of the guys that night.  I just went to visit my boyfriend who felt I blew him off for INXS.  I knew with all this good fortune, I'd see INXS again soon……

On November 21, I was working in the Reservations call center at the airline that evening. Someone told me I had a call so they patched it through.  My friend, who was my partner in crime at the previous INXS shows was on the other end.  She said, “Sonya, did you hear?” “ Hear what?”  “Michael's dead.”  I first thought of Michael Jackson because he has had problems I thought oh no, he died from stress or something.  “Michael who?”  “Hutch is gone Sonya, he killed himself”.   It was like someone knocked the wind out of me. But still, I thought she was going to say ‘just kidding' because she does that sometimes just to see if she can prank me.  Her voice sounded hollow and sad and our conversation was brief.  My mind went back to that last day I saw Michael.  We hung up and I just stared at my phone.  I threw a book or something on the floor and just starting repeating “no, no, no, no, no, Oh my god!”  there were no tears immediately.  My coworkers thought a relative died or something.  I told them someone I cared a lot about just passed away.  I stayed at work because I felt like it would get cleared up and was a rumor.  But the rumor would prove true when I saw the news when I got home.  I went to my room and fell on my bed crying out loud. Michael's face flashing before my eyes – when I first met him up to the last time, when he had noticeably changed.  There was now a permanent void in life.  I broke up with my boyfriend because I felt he influenced my decision not to try to see Michael at the hotel before they left. –he was a bad boyfriend anyway-

Years later, around January 2002, I needed to hear Michael's vocals again and played his cd and INXS cds a bit. I went to the tribute site his dad and Rhett have.  I posted a message and Kell replied to me.  It was touching but too close.  I was saddened because I wasn't hoping for a reply from Michael's dad, because it made it all too real.  I'm glad Mr. Kelland Hutchence heard from me how much his son meant.  Then a little while later, I found out Kell passed away.  I packed away my INXS cds because I didn't want to repeat my pain over and over.   

Now I'm happily married and I also know that Michael is resting in God's memory and one day will be reunited with his family, especially Tiger Lily, and life will be as it should for all of God's children.

Sonya xoxo
Nashville, TN

Peter Sharman

It was 1984 (or thereabouts) and I was in Sydney briefly, only to drive a car load of my friend's belongings back to Brisbane. I had spent a day out on Sydney Harbour on a little boat with no shelter and hence I had become quite sunburned. My lips (the bottom lip in particular) had developed some pretty big and nasty sores and I headed up Military road to the chemist at Neutral Bay. Whilst waiting to be attended to by the pharmacy assistant, a rather curious fella approached me inhaling air through pouting lips and wearing a worried look on his face.....he said, "That, looks very sore.....you know you should wear a hat and cream when out in the sun." He directed me to the section where they stocked all the appropriate salves, helped me select one......I said thank you and he smiled and continued on his way. That concerned man was none other than Michael Hutchence and I will never forget how polite and kind the man was. R.I.P. Mr. Hutchence.

Peter Sharman 42


1984 what a year huh.

I was shook up, intoxicated…drank the juices…of the possibilities

I was 13 and just hitting the oz music scene in a passionate way. One day, walking down a road in downtown Sydney town towards paddy's market I hit MH. We connected eyes. It was the same time as Decadance – such a time. I distinctly remember that day, that time – he had his black coat and hat on, long hair…dark and forgiven.

Flash forward 13 years and I'm literally at the same corner, on the same block ,in Sydney farewelling Michael at his funeral…OH god.

I stood in my bathroom when I heard the news. SHOCKED. Totally shocked. We went down to Double Bay and layed bunches of baby's breath, the only thing I could grab that meant something, you sang so beautifully and pure. Never to be forgotten. I wont forget either that afternoon in Double Bay , normal but not that way! We were in the paper the next day about it and it ripped me apart.

It was a stormy hot November day. Never to be the same yet everyone there will remember that day. I couldn't help but think this is the same spot I met him that first time, yet now he is dead. His brothers ( inxs ) carry him out. You know what I wanted to do but wasn't sure how it would be received? I wanted to clap Michael, give him one more applause, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, I said out loud but quietly “goodbye Michael, thankyou for everything”.

To this day I wish I lead that applause of goodbye. You deserved it, so know you have it.

Later we acknowledged you at your plaque in north Sydney , at the Hard Rock, with family. With those who loved you. And all the after effects….

The anniversary is this week, days, hours away….
I miss you Michael . So so much.

Baby's breath girl xxxx


I have been an INXS freak for, I don't know how long. But it wasn't until after their Kick album that they really struck a chord within me. As the boys of the band are somewhat younger than I and of the same gender, I still  cannot get enough of their magic sound of that special era. I was absolutely shattered when Michael died (not to mention another person of special character) in 1997 - a sad year indeed ; and thought, what a waste... As a sufferer of the same medical condition as of Michael's, I can empathise his pain, as it isn't an easy thing to live with, especially for somebody of his calibre and public exposure - it must have been an enormous burden to live with. Like a lot of other INXS fans, you can never let go of their stuff - the memories live on forever, and I wish the `new' INXS the very best of luck. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of seeing them perform live but have just about got all the memorabilia one can have on INXS.  Hutch is never too far away in my thoughts, and you could always see that special friendship that he and Andrew Farriss had in writing songs. However, there's that melancholy feeling whenever I hear an INXS song, or read about them in the media - INXS to me was Michael who made the band complete ( similar analogy when Mo from the Bee Gees died - so did the BGs name itself).

Anonymous Oz

Helen Coburn

I started writing this poem in September for the 8th anniversary of Michael's passing.  It was extremely difficult for me to write and I believe I eventually received a "little help" in putting it together.  A few days after completing the poem, my dad passed away unexpectedly (only a week ago) and I decided to put the poem away and not send it as I didn't want the words to upset anyone.  Then over the weekend I was filled with an overwhelming peace accompanied by a nagging feeling that I must send it to you.  The words are meant to be a comfort and I truly hope they are for I never want to hurt or upset anyone with what I write.

Dear Michael

You came to me within a dream
You said things were not as they seem
Do not worry about times ahead
Things will work out, that's what you said

Your words of comfort, soothed my soul
Gave me peace, made me whole
Your look of concern, I will never forget
For you never knew me, we never met

Your laughter and smiles, show you're at peace
From this harsh world, you've found release
Your time spent with me, I appreciate
Sharing your thoughts, it's not too late

In all that you do and all that you say
Your guidance helps me to find my way
Your message I sometimes can not understand
But to help it get through, I'll lend you a hand

I see your face, so kind and so clear
I wish when I wake, that you were still here
I will try to be happy with all that you give
For you've shown me the other side, and that you still live

You've found God's love and everlasting peace.

Helen Coburn – October 2005


Hi my name is Elizabetta and I just wanted to share with you how much Michael changed my life.

I officially met Michael in New Orleans when INXS was on tour promoting the "Kick" album. I had always been a fan of INXS since their early days. I knew they were in town but I had to work the night they were performing so I was pretty mad having to miss the concert. I worked in the French Quarter and normally after work I went to a bar on Decatur Street to hang out and have a drink. I walked in the bar and got a drink went to the jukebox and played INXS "The one thing". I sat at the bar and noticed at the end of the bar a guy facing the TV and drinking. I forget what was on but I made a comment about it and the guy turned and it was Michael in the flesh and right in front of me. I introduced myself and we started talking about general stuff and I told him that I was sorry I was not able to go to the concert. He laughed and said "Hey that's ok I understand Life can get in the way of what you really want to do." I laughed and said "Yea it sucks". We talked to the wee hours of the morning about life, love and our love of poetry. I walked him back to the hotel and he invited me up to meet the guys so I went up and met the guys who were just wonderful. Michael sensed something was going on in my life and sensed I needed someone to talk to. He offered his ear and so I began to tell him about what was going on in my life and he really really cared about what I had to say. He offered some really good advice. He made me feel wanted and alive for the first time in a long time. He had a special soul. We agreed to stay in touch and we did for quite sometime. You see he saved me from going down a dark path and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Michael I thank you everyday for giving me a reason to be more than what I am and for giving me a reason to live. I wish I could have returned the favor. Michael had a good heart and I am thankful I got to know him - the real person. I miss him so much!

Margot Ling

Michael Hutchence's musical achievements and personal character will be immortalized through his music. Tragically he left behind a young child Tiger Lily Hopefully she will have a better life than the one she should have had. A loss of a parent is a tragedy but to be bereaved of both parents is an unthinkable loss. I hope Tiger Lily will be well looked after and I am certain Bob Geldolf will do his best since she is the self extension of Paula Yates his former wife. I will miss seeing Michael Hutchence in the media His bright smiling sparkling warm glow in his eyes and his bar of white soap complexion. As well as his wavy hair. but most of all I'll miss personality which exuded through his music. His life was not wasted because he gave the world so much and he ended up with nothing. I hope this type of result does not happen to any one  else.



1984 what a year huh.

I was shook up, intoxicated…drank the juices…of the possibilities

I was 13 and just hitting the oz music scene in a passionate way. One day, walking down a road in downtown Sydney town towards paddy's market I hit MH. We connected eyes. It was the same time as Decadance – such a time. I distinctly remember that day, that time – he had his black coat and hat on, long hair…dark and forgiven.

Flash forward 13 years and I'm literally at the same corner, on the same block ,in Sydney farewelling Michael at his funeral…OH god.

I stood in my bathroom when I heard the news. SHOCKED. Totally shocked. We went down to Double Bay and layed bunches of baby's breath, the only thing I could grab that meant something, you sang so beautifully and pure. Never to be forgotten. I wont forget either that afternoon in Double Bay , normal but not that way! We were in the paper the next day about it and it ripped me apart.

It was a stormy hot November day. Never to be the same yet everyone there will remember that day. I couldn't help but think this is the same spot I met him that first time, yet now he is dead. His brothers ( inxs ) carry him out. You know what I wanted to do but wasn't sure how it would be received? I wanted to clap Michael, give him one more applause, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, I said out loud but quietly “goodbye Michael, thankyou for everything”.

To this day I wish I lead that applause of goodbye. You deserved it, so know you have it.

Later we acknowledged you at your plaque in north Sydney , at the Hard Rock, with family. With those who loved you. And all the after effects….

The anniversary is this week, days, hours away….I miss you Michael .... SO so much.

Baby's breath girl xxxx

Peter Sharman

It was 1984 (or thereabouts) and I was in Sydney briefly, only to drive a car load of my friend's belongings back to Brisbane. I had spent a day out on Sydney Harbour on a little boat with no shelter and hence I had become quite sunburned. My lips (the bottom lip in particular) had developed some pretty big and nasty sores and I headed up Military road to the chemist at Neutral Bay. Whilst waiting to be attended to by the pharmacy assistant, a rather curious fella approached me inhaling air through pouting lips and wearing a worried look on his face.....he said, "That, looks very sore.....you know you should wear a hat and cream when out in the sun." He directed me to the section where they stocked all the appropriate salves, helped me select one......I said thank you and he smiled and continued on his way. That concerned man was none other than Michael Hutchence and I will never forget how polite and kind the man was.

R.I.P. Mr. Hutchence.

Peter Sharman 42 Queensland

Cindy-Lyn White

Michael's lyrics, voice and energy ‘completed' INXS for decades!  Michaels smile, glistening eyes, flowing hair, enchanting voice will forever be held in my soul!  I look at pics all the time of Michael and I just tear up and can not believe he is gone!  I don't want to believe it I guess.  I miss him!  I remember being told that horrible day of what happened.  I thought my co-workers were teasing me cuz they knew what a fan I was.  I kept joking around with them, going on about them teasing me and saying its not nice to joke about something like that.  I finally heard in on the radio just a little while later—CONFIRMED, Michael was gone. I was devastated!  After apologizing for not believing those who were trying to be nice and carrying by informing me…. I just went outside and cried the hardest I even had!  I actually went home early from work that day!  Thank goodness I had my 8 foot satellite at home….turned on MTV and VH1 waiting for more news!  I then watched my VHS tape of all the INXS videos I taped.  I cried even more.  He was so young, so talented, a father, a friend, and he in a distance played a huge role in my life as well!  All those guys has!

Michael helped define me from 1982 to 1997, and STILL does actually!

Fly high dearest Michael, fly free.  At least for 8 yrs you have been at peace, happy, no worries, no problems…..No one can hurt you anymore!  No one can say anything to harm you.  Bless you my dearest Michael……….you will forever live in my soul!

WE WILL MEET SOMEDAY!  And I cant wait!

Peace and Love:  Athena  ( CL)


Hi! I am Nina a girl from Germany . I am a Fan from Michael Hutchence and  here are my thoughts. I often here his voice and than I remember the time in wich I head his music his softly voice his beautyfull charming carisma so I can say it`s very sad and it makes no sence to think about, he won´t be alive.  Thank you for the great music.


When I was 15, I went to see a concert near Chicago - Adam and The Ants,  and INXS was opening for them. I walked away being an INXS  fan, and remain one to this day . I got the priveledge to meet Michael once.  I was a gate agent for Continental Airlines, and Michael and Helene Christiansen , as well as his bandmates were boarding our flight , and as they approached the gate  my co-worker said "It's Michael Hutchence!" and all I could say was "No it's a look-alike!" But a whole band?!   Anyway, I got to check in Michael, give him his seat assignment, and  I told him that I saw that concert way back when I was a girl, he smiled at me and said  that he didn't believe it, that there was no way I was old enough to see that concert."  He then spent a few minutes talking to me, he asked me questions about me - and he was really interested in my answers.  Later, after the flight was boarded, and I went to the aircraft to get the final totals from the flight attendant Micheal got out of his seat and came over to me - took my hand and said "It really was a pleasure to meet you Marika, it really was." and then he kissed my cheek.   And the thing is - I could tell he meant it.  In that moment meeting me did really mean something to him.  -- and that is how I remember Michael .  He was a kind and giving soul, and I wish I could have helped him when he needed it.   I hope somehow he knows what meeting him meant to me I just thought someone should know that.


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