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Remembering Michael - Seven Years Later

Michael had great insight into so many topics; he was a very interesting man to converse with. He was very concerned about our environment, about how our leaders made decisions that affected so many lives. He always took it upon himself to investigate, get the full story; to understand the background of someone or some group's thinking. Privately he contributed to many, many causes and went the extra step to promote good causes; he was particularly concerned about making the world safe for our children's future. Michael was a visionary and as such quietly contributed to and promoted both environmental, and humanitarian, issues.

He was aware of the impact a person in his position could make and his interviews over the years reflect that he quite often spoke of the hardships of our fellow citizens throughout the planet. Privately, he encouraged and nudged all of us to get involved. It was because of him that I contribute to as many charities as I can.

It is easy to be sad and regret the things that Michael missed life, but it is more important for us all to remember that Michael led an extraordinary life. How many of us can say they know the feeling of walking out to a stage to entertain an adoring crowd of 72,000 or 100,000? He led an exciting life, he led a good life, he made many, many people happy, and his words live on for all time.

It is seven years since his passing, and I still receive beautiful written stories about how he touched someone's life with music and words, I still hear of a face to face meeting that changed a life. The impact he has on so many lives never ceases to amaze me.

It is with this in mind that we have begun work on a foundation in Michael's name. This is something that would not have happened without this site and the friends I have made here. There will be an announcement and more on ways you can help spread the word of this tribute to Michael's memory.

This foundation will live on in tribute to Michael; a legacy for his family –in particular his daughter to save in our hearts. Something that will say to the world that, ‘there once was a very extraordinary man who cared very deeply about this planet and who lives on in our hearts and minds'.

Tina Hutchence
California, November 2004