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Kasia Kowalska
(3rd March 2007)

Towards the end of last year I had the privilege of meeting Polish superstar Kasia Kowalska at the Polish festival in London. I watched Kasia performed on stage even though I didnt understand the polish lyrics, I still loved the show and it was clear that the Polish crowds loved having Kasia in the UK. After the concert Kasia signed autographs and I eventually got to meet her backstage. An amazing singer, currently on her 8th album, was so friendly and we spoke for a while. As I had met Kasia thru this website and as a long time fan of Michael Hutchence and INXS, I presented Kasia with a copy of INXS's autobiography and Kasia was kind enough to give me copies of 2 of her albums.

Rickyrocks (webmaster)

It was a long time ago when I saw Michael Hutchence for the very first time. It was in a video "Need you tonight" and I was completely overwhelmed - a tremendous voice and his magnetic eyes, he was a great performer. In my opinion he had everything - a great voice, talent, charisma, success and devoted fans but probably he was looking for something more than this. Someone said that we live as long as people remember us, so wherever you are Michael ..we miss you.

Best Regards
Kasia Kowalska
Official Site : www.kasiakowalska.pl

Kasia Kowalska & Rickyrocks
Image by FranzMarkus Photography ©