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Michael Hutchence - The Loved One
An Authorised Tribute to the LIfe and Music of Michael Hutchence of INXS

Congratulations to the following winners who correctly answered the 3 questions and were the first five names drawn from over 600 entries to win themselves a copy of The Loved One DVD. Winners will also be notified by email.

The winners are:
Clint Mullins
Vicky Seedsman
Cindy Archer
Laura DeTour
Sandra Battles

The answers to the questions were as follows

Question 1 : In which year was Michael Hutchence born??
Answer 1 : 1960

Question 2 : The DVD Title "The Loved One" is also a track off which INXS album?
Answer 2 : KICK

Question 3 : The track "She Flirts For England" taken off the Solo Album was written for who?

Answer 3 : Paula Yates

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