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Seven made a profound impact on my life. He arrived at a time when I was grieving the loss of my brother Michael and he said, "I can't take the place of Michael, but I will be there for you".  Seven always took the time to call and cajole me out of my house, he and his partner Ninon released me from my self exiled state of depression and I will always be grateful to both of them for their kindness.

Seven had known Michael briefly, they met when they toured together in 1997, Michael fronting INXS and Seven supporting with his band, The Cunninghams. They made friends instantly as some do on the road.

I found Seven to be remarkably sensitive and caring.

He was charmingly childlike and had a special empathy for children.  He was a gifted artist and I always thought his talents should be channelled to writing and illustrating children's books or speaking to them in some other way, because he connected so well with their thoughts and feelings.

The first time I saw Seven perform I could see, how, with his phrasing, his body language, and a look in his eye he could completely immerse an audience into his world and take them along for the journey. 

As it was with Michael, he had that special something that made you want to know him deeper.  He wrote passionate, thought provoking lyrics, convincing anyone that he had been there - in one way or another if he had not lived those feelings, he understood them completely. 

Sadly Seven took his life on February 17, 2001. 

When we lose someone, we always regret the things we never got to say. We hadn't finished speaking. Seven was a very special person and I will never stop speaking to him or telling others about him.

- Tina Hutchence

Photo courtesy of Robin Swanson