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Paula left Bob Geldof for the younger, irresistible Michael.

There is no doubt that Michael was a charmer and women were most assuredly drawn to his good looks, great sense of humor, and that charismatic special something that is forever adjoined to his name.  But although Paula had pursued Michael for several years, she states in her own autobiography that she did not leave Bob for Michael. She and Bob had already physically separated however, Bob refused to make the announcement so she took things into her own hands by setting up a date with Michael and arranging for a friend to call the press.


Tina fought a custody battle for Tiger Lily.

Tina would have been happy to do whatever it took to make sure her niece was loved, well taken care of, and had contact with her older stepsisters as well as her cousins who are closer to her age not to mention the rest of Michael's family.  Unfortunately she did not get that chance as Bob Geldof filed for custody the day after his ex-wife died.  Michael's family was not notified, instead Bob assured Tina that he was just providing a home for Tiger and her nanny until she arrived in London.  The law in the United Kingdom is such that once a person applies for custody of a child, anyone else (even a blood relative) must ask permission of the first party to ‘join' the proceedings – a mere formality.  Tina and Patricia were assured that Bob would not object as it would be embarrassing for him to publicly object to Michael's family joining the proceedings.  Tina's attorney was wrong because Tina never got the chance to apply for her niece.


Michael's death was
an accident.

When someone losses control of their car and it goes over a cliff; that is an accident.  When a person steps off the sidewalk and gets struck by a truck; that is an accident. When an unfortunate soul who is hooked on an illegal substance overdoses; that is an accident. There are all kinds of freak accidents, but when a person has been on anti-depressants for two years and is driven to the depths of despair and told he cannot see his only child and he goes into a rage and does what Michael did, that is called suicide.

The coroner Mr Derek Hand found that Michael did not die of drugs, legal or otherwise.  There was no evidence of others in his room.  There are no witnesses to the conversations between Bob Geldof and Michael; and Paula Yates and Michael in those last hours. In Bob's case he was not interviewed by law enforcement, we only have a carefully worded statement prepared by his attorney.  Paula gave one statement to the Sydney detectives and told a different story when she was paid for a television interview.

One week after Michael's funeral the Hutchence family tried to change his Will and retained an attorney to help them achieve this.

We never tried to change Michael's Will, we did however, retain an attorney approximately six days after his funeral. The reason we did so was to find out how we could go about having Michael's financial advisor Queensland barrister Colin Diamond, and his brother, Queensland attorney Stephen Diamond prosecuted for lying on a legal document in which they stated that in his Will, Michael had requested to be cremated. 

The copy of a legal document, called a Statutory Declaration, was faxed to us by the Funeral Director 4 days after the funeral. He told us that he could not release the ashes to anyone without Diamond's permission and we therefore became suspicious and obtained a copy of the Will from the executor in Hong Kong. There was no mention of cremation in the Will.

When we initially spoke to our attorney and sent her a copy of the Will she suggested that she request a meeting with Colin Diamond before we make another move. She sent a perfectly normal, unthreatening letter to the Diamonds suggesting that they let us know a convenient time for a meeting with the family and the response was extraordinary. Stephen said that his brother had left the country and was far too busy to even speak with Michael's family. He made no apology for this and told us that the Will "would be read shortly" - a very old-fashioned term and something that is rarely even done these days. The combined dismissal and nastiness of tone in the faxes from Stephen Diamond who previous to Michael's death had been friendly, put us on guard and we resolved to get to the bottom of whatever he and his brother were hiding.

Michael's mother Patricia pushed and shoved Paula Yates and accused her of killing her son.

This is a completely fabricated story. The only contact Patricia had with Paula the week of the funeral was in the Cathedral. Paula approached her with Tiger in her arms, Patricia kissed Tiger and brought Paula's attention to the fact that the service was about to start and that she should take her seat.

Both women were on camera throughout most of the service. In an audience of several thousand people, both live and on international television there has not been one witness to such a display. Several publications including Marie Claire had to apologize to Patricia for printing these statements as they could not find a witness to this incident either.

In an effort to keep the story going, Paula's friend Belinda Brewin told one writer that Paula had told her about it the day after the funeral. Another absurd statement as Belinda was glued to Paula's side the whole time she was in Sydney, staying with her and taking her phone calls etc. - there would be no need for Paula to tell her; if it had really happened she would have been a witness.


Michael and Paula were intending to marry on Bora Bora over the 1997 Christmas holidays.

Michael had his personal manager release a statement in which he denied any such thing. It was printed in several Australian newspapers in October, 1997, one month before he died. He said that it was something that was dragged up every time he returned to Australia, the press was just trying to sell newspapers and he would have nothing to do with it.


Michael participated in fertility treatments with Paula.

There is no evidence to suggest that Michael participated in fertility treatments. He loved children but this is another story which, came out after he died. The fact is Michael loved children and was very excited about the pending arrival of Tiger Lily, but he was initially completely surprised to find that Paula was pregnant.


Michael's full name is Michael Kelland Hutchence.

Michael's birth certificate reads: Michael Kelland John Hutchence. The 'John' was in honour of Patricia's brother; John Kennedy who had tragically died at the tender age of twenty-one, six years before Michael was born. As Michael progressed into his late teens he resembled Johnny right down to the dark curly hair and dark brown eyes.


Tina never used the name 'Hutchence' before Michael became famous.

Tina became Christina Hutchence six months before Michael was born. When this hurtful lie was published and then verified on national television she sent copies of passports -past and present; current drivers license and green card to the editors and producers of the offending television programs. Several of her friends who had known her since high school also wrote in. Not one responded or retracted.


Michael did not provide for his family in his Will.

Michael's Will was very fair and his wishes were to provide for all immediate family members equally. He generously willed 50% to his daughter and 10% each to Patricia, Kell, Rhett, Tina and Paula.


Michael set up trusts to protect his assets from his family in order for his daughter to receive the bulk of his estate.

Michael's financial managers and accountant set up trusts to alleviate tax burdens. This is common with people in the recording industry as well as businessmen in charge of large corporations.

Returning from Michael's funeral an argument broke out in the limousine between Patricia and Kell and Patricia punched Kell dislodging 5 front teeth.

Returning from the crematorium, Patricia was sandwiched between Kell and Ross. Kell began to talk non stop about many things not pertaining to the situation as soon as the driver took off as many people do when they are nervous or distressed, and the rest of us were in no mood preferring to keep silent, our thoughts on Michael. Two people in the limousine asked him to focus on the day and to turn his thoughts to Michael. 

When Kell would not be quiet, Patricia raised her hand to hush him and his mouth connected with her gold bracelet. It was physically impossible for her to throw a punch as she could not turn around she used the hand closest to him and flicked it back in his direction as you do when shooshing someone, ever thinking that she would actually connect.

Considering she is a small boned woman, we were more that a bit surprised when it caused damage until we realized that it was her bracelet that had merged with his open mouth. She in fact was left with a swollen and bruised wrist.

This was a tough day to begin with, but this was a low point and we would never want this to 'leak' to the press and took great pains to make sure the driver and his assistant did not do so. Unfortunately Kell felt the need to call a journalist, telling him of the incident. I'm sure he regrets it now. But the teeth? Kell attended the wake 2 hours later so I think that is exaggerated.

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