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18 Years On


Recently I was reading a quote from the beautiful and talented vocalist/songwriter of Berlin, Terri Nunn (Take My Breath Away,
No More Words, Sex. I’m a ….).  Terri said that her song, Sacred and Profane written with Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan was
about her first meeting with Michael.  She said that Michael was a big inspiration for her and Billy and the song is about
her first experience seeing Michael whom she said, changed her life. He apparently influenced her more than anyone else as a performer.
She said, “I became 12 years old and in five minutes wanted to have sex with him, everybody did, he was the epitome of a rock star”.

Last week I was watching this season’s U.S. series of The Voice and Adam Levine and Rihanna were coaching one of his team and
in an attempt to turn the young man into a ‘rock star’ he told him to think of Michael Hutchence, who he said was a natural and made it look
so easy. Rihanna concurred, and I felt myself being drawn in.  The contestant gave it a try but I couldn’t help comparing his performance to Michaels after seeing this. It was unfortunate because he was talented, but he certainly was not going to put the song across like Michael - because Michael ‘owned’ his performances, he didn’t know any other way to be.

His family didn’t see him that way of course, he was just our Michael. Brother, son, cousin, uncle, father and friend. He was just so much
fun to have around.  I will miss him every single day of my life. I still think about what he might be doing with his life had he gotten through
those dark days.  But on the other hand he has left us some wonderful music, and memories. We can watch his interviews and
performances, for that we are grateful.

Thanks to the fans who keep his spirit alive. You are wonderful.

Tina Hutchence
November 22, 2015


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