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Special Feature :

In April during my trip to Australia I very fortunate to spend a week with Michael's mother Patricia Glassop on the Gold Coast . Both Patricia and her husband Ross Glassop were wonderful and their hospitality was fantastic.

Many fans sent in questions and messages for Patricia and I got to go through these personally with her which was great to hear the different stories about Michael.

A big thank you to Patrica for answering these for us.

Hope you all enjoy this feature.
May 2008


Question from Samantha Carter

Hello Patricia, It goes without saying that I love everything about Michael. I am writing to ask you about something I have tried for some years to out find out about. I am a trained make-up artist and at the time of my training I heard that you were also a make-up artist and that you often did Michael's make-up for video clips. I also heard that you published a book on make-up artistry. Is this true? If so, I have been trying for years to get a hold of your book. Can you let me know of any of this is true and can I get a copy of your book??Regards Samantha.

Answer : I am a makeup artist and yes I did have a book published in 1989 titled 'Makeup is Magic'. I designed the makeups and my students and Tina worked on them with me to produce the photographs. It is no longer in print however, I have seen it on Ebay. It was written under the name of 'Patricia Hutchence'.

When Michael and the band were starting out with their first television appearances and videos I always did their makeup. I was working on a soap opera and Michael often ran into the studio, where I was filming and I would apply a light foundation and he off he would go on his motorcycle to his location or studio to video his appearance. I actually did the makeup on the first breakout video he did for 'The One Thing'.


Question from Craig Krauss

I am and always will be eternally grateful for Michael and the music he has left.  I am awed by his gifts as a songwriter, and play his music all of the time.  The music is an inspiration, a stress relief, a pick me up, and a pause for introspection.  I never knew or met Michael, but he always seemed very likeable and intelligent whenever I saw him on tv or read interviews he'd given.  I thoroughly enjoyed "Just A Man", and I was hoping you could share a memory of Michael beyond what has been in print or on tv, to provide some more insight into what he was like.  Thank you so much for your time.

Answer : When Michael was 8 he climbed to the top of a diving board without my knowledge and I was only at the poolside and called me waving his arms and I tried to get him to stop but he jumped anyway. This just showed how Michael was would always go all the way when trying something.


Question from Cathy

Hi Patricia! I was recently in beautiful Ireland. I remember Michael being proud of his Irish roots from your side of the family, saying" I'm Irish, see my freckles?" . I was wondering what part of Ireland is your family from? Thanks, Cathy

Answer : Michael never  really had freckles. Dont know why he said that. My father was from County Cork.


Message from Laurie Tallis

Dear Patricia, When I was growing up I always had a dreamed that I would have the opportunity to thank Michael for all the wonderful music that he and Inxs gave to us fans, being the dreamer that I was and still am.  My dream was shattered though when I heard of his passing but threw this website I now have a second chance.  Who better to thank next to the man himself but his mother.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for raising such a wonderful and talented son who touched the lives of many.  Through his and Inxs music over the years, he has he helped me threw some terible times.  I'm in my thirty's now and life has not been that easy for me over the years.  I have had my share of great losses of loved ones and friends that i cared deeply  about whether it was from illness or by accident. They to were taken from this world far to young as Michael was.  When I look back on my life it had it's hardships and losses and with Michael voice and lyrics from certain songs he helped me get threw my day and touched my heart with his powerful voice.  So Patrica I just wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful, gifted, talented, charismatic son that you brought in to this world. I wish you all the very best and hope that one day Tiger will be apart of your life again as it should be. Take care, Laurie Tallis Canada


Message from Lisa Janka

Hi, Patricia I can't imagine the pain that you felt when losing such a beuitful son. I have three boys of my own and two have been trying to make it big in the music world. I really wish they would do something else because of the stress that these guys have on them. I have never met Micheal but from all the stories and things I have read about him I think he was an amazing guy. I suffer from depression and I know what it does to you. Some people just do not understand a mental illness. It\'s a scary thing to deal with. Some days are better then others. I am so sorry for your loss. And Micheals daughter is so beutiful and it makes me mad that Bob will not let her be part of your life. That is so selfish. That is the only thing left that is part of Micheal. I hope when she gets old enough she will come see you more. Well gotta run. And I really would like to stay in touch with your family. And maybe offer some comforting words. God bless all of you!


Question from Lisa

Greetings Ms. Glassop, I would first like to say that this website you and Tina created is a beautiful tribute to Michael.  Its nice to have place to go to remember and honor him.  I am sure your son would be proud. Through out the past ten years I've been reading about how Bob Geldof has not allowed you visitation rights for Tiger.  I find this to be very disturbing!  I would like to know how he got custody of Tiger Lily in the first place?  Why didn\'t the courts grant custody of Tiger to her next of kin?  I know in the US, in a situation like that, the courts would have granted custody to the child\'s immediate family.  Is it handle diffently in Europe.  You should have visitation rights, better yet, you should have been granted custody.  Thats your right, your her Granny.  I apoligize for asking a quesion concerning such a painful subject, but it has boggled my mind for years. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to chat with you, its been a pleasure.  Michael lives on in his music, but Michael also lives on because of you.  He will never be forgotten....promise. Best Regards, Lisa

Answer: It was a big shock to us that Bob was awarded custody of Tiger, in fact it was a huge shock after meeting with him that he even went after custody of a child he had no ties to. He was aware after Tina and I visited him in London(prior to Paula's passing) that we were concerned for Tiger's safety while she was just a toddler. We could not get the authorities to do anything. British law is very different - whomever steps in first with an application for custody, gets custody. Especially a powerful person like Bob Geldof. The courts were not inclined to allow her out of the country. We, her family, are all very sad that we have not had the chance to get to know her. She is missing out on a relationship with her cousins, uncles, aunts and of course her grandparents.


Message from Cristina

Michael siempre serás la estrella que más brilla. Después de 10 años aún estás aquí.

translated : Michael always you will be the star that shines more. After 10 years still you are here


Question from Victoria Harris

Do you feel concerned that Tiger will suffer (in the long run) as a result of all this contraversy?

Answer : I think when Tiger is old enough, which is probably now, she will begin to question the media, and the way it twists the truth in order to sell newspapers and magazines. Our hearts are open to anything she wants to question and soon enough she will start asking the hard questions. She will want to know her father and we have made it clear to her that we are here for her with honest answers.


Question from Cocchetto Mauro

 I\'ve never had an opportunity to speak with him, but I feel like I knew him. He was a great artist, one of the best I think. I adore by myself, any kind of art and music is one of that. Trough music, song, paintings... a person lives forewer.. In our hearts, giving us so wonderfull emotion by every day. And Micheal\'s music, his way to do things, to play the music, to sing the songs, to move his body was so wondrous.. a pure poetry! The reason I wrote to you is that i need your help. I like Micheal\'s choice of clothes, especially trousers he used to wore during the LIVE BABY LIVE concert.. He Was a real visionary at the time... so original and unique... I live in Italy and I did my possible to find something of those kind of clothes here but without any success so I wonder if you could help me ! by writing me the name of the fashion creator who used to work with Micheal. It would make me so happy! I\'m thanking you in advance.. Best greetings from ITALY.. By Mauro, and Michael forever in the World! Thanks Patricia.. Thanks! Thanks for your work RICKY

Answer :There is no one answer as Michael worked with a lot of different people. He often just used his own wardrobe. He loved Japanese designers and of course was very fond of the wonderful European cuts. He shopped in many of the best boutiques throughout the world, always looking for one offs. He had a good eye for superior cuts and he liked to shop. He did not like to look into the audience and see something he was wearing.


Message from Alice Popescu

Dear Mrs. Glassop,I would very much like to thank you for the wonderful human being you brought to the world, for the beautiful soul and kind man you raised! Michael\'s music, his entire persona touched my life in such a special way that it cannot be described for its exact intensity! All I can say is that as long as I live, I\'ll treasure his legacy and his eternal gift! He will never be forgotten and I\'ll love him forever! I pray to God that Michael knows somehow how much he is loved, missed and how many thoughts run to him daily...from everywhere around the world!May these words and thoughts give you comfort and reassure you of the immense love we, Michael\'s fans have and will always have for your son!All my love accompanied by all the best wishes in the world for you and your family,Alice Popescu, Bucharest, Romania


Question from Laurie T

My question to you is this: When Michael had some time off work or if it was a holiday and that he was going to visit you, was there anything specific he always did in your company?  Also was there any specific dish of food that he loved and would put in his request prior to his arrival? Love and Peace Laurie T Canada

Answer :He relaxed. That was very gratifying for him to know he could relax and completely be himself. He liked to talk to my husband Ross about planes and his time in the air force. He liked my pasta, I made it just as I did when he was a child and somehow that gave him comfort. I think the Americans call it comfort food.


Question from Joanne Softly

May I thank you for this web site, its great to have something to remind me what a wonderful man your son was and how much he is sorely missed every day.There is noone who touches me more through song than your son did,I miss his voice very much but luckily have plenty of c.d.s to listen to and they will never age with time. Also am I the only person who thinks Pixie looks like Michael, its in the eyes! 

Answer : Pixie does have lovely dark eyes and Michael had beautiful dark eyes, but I have never thought there was any other resemblance. Just to be clear, Michael was far too involved with Kylie Minogue then Helena Christensen around the time of Pixie's birth to be responsible.


Message from Monica

This time I have no special question on Michael, I just want to send my warmest regards to Mrs. Glassop and her husband, together with my sincere wishes for them to have long life and also I wish they found some comfort as the years passed. I am sure Mrs. Glassop feels so so very proud when she reads all the beautiful messages, poems, etc. dedicated to Mike and inspired by him. He was not "Just a man". He was one of a kind. Mrs. Glassop, my dearest and loving regards to you and your family from this loyal fan Michael has forever.


Question from Linda Regimbald

Hi Mrs Glassop,  It is such a pleasure to be able to write to you.  I\'ve been a fan of INXS since the 80\'s but I have been so inspired by Michael\' s talent that I will always keep a special place in my heart for him for always.  I have met him in person in April 1997 and he was such a generous and kind man.  He seems to have such a beautiful heart and soul, I will never forget that moment spent with him as he was nice enough to take a picture with me in his arms. My question to you is: I believe that our soul continues to evoluate after death.  Therefore, since his passing in his heaven light, have you ever been in contact with a medium to try and speak with him? I wish you happiness, strenght and love in your life and thank you for taking the time to answer my email. Regards,Linda Regimbald Love & Peace.

Answer : I have been contacted by numerous mediums regarding Michael, but my beliefs do not go that way. I feel if Michael wanted to tell me something ..............he would come to me. What I believe is, that I will see Michael when I cross over.


Message from Sharen Van Fossen

I would like to recommend that Patricia and Tina consider providing evidence to Hollywood\'s Walk of Fame of the phenomenal impact and timeless legacy that Michael Hutchence has had and still has, not only to the music industry, but to millions all around the world, by providing Hollywood\'s Walk of Fame with copies of the thousands of fan tributes in guestbooks from Tina\'s, Susie\'s, and Michael Hutchence websites and fanclubs around the world,as an addendum to their submission (if possible).  In that way, Hollywood\'s Walk of Fame would gain a better understanding of how Michael Hutchence continues to be the world\'s Shining Star and Loved One all around the world and how he still touches the lives of millions - through his beautiful voice, heartfelt lyrics, unique songs and his incredible compassion for others that have resulted in making this world a better place. In addition, they may also wish to consider possibly providing letters of recommendations from others in th! e Music Industry who knew Michael, i.e. Bono from U2, members of INXS, Lenny Kravitz, etc. I\'m not an expert in the criteria used for Hollywood\'s Walk of Fame, but I believe the above would be helpful. Sharen Van Fossen


Question from Jane Carol

Patricia, I listen to Michael\'s voice and lyrics every day.  They comfort me and touch my heart like no other artist ever has.  I am grateful and thank you for your very potent influence on his gifts and his sensibilities.  Please allow me to thank you for Michael, for your book, and the unexplained, yet incredible warmth and comfort I derive daily from listening to Michael.  May you know good health and peace of mind always.  Most of all, I pray that you have opportunities to be with Tigerlily.  Have you been able to speak or see Tiger of late?  I pray you have and will get to be with her even more in the future.  You deserve it, and Tiger deserves to be with you and learn about her father. With gratitude, Jane Carol

Answer : I speak with her on the phone, maybe once per month. She is a very busy little girl and to be truthful, she lives in Bob's house and he is responsible for her, I have no control. Unfortunately it is not like a normal family relationship where the parent sends the grandparents photographs and news of their grandchild. I usually only see the same photographs that you see in print.


Message from Lemone

Dear Mrs. Glassop, I want to thank you (and your daughter Mrs. Hutchence) very much for writing your book \"Just a man\". It\'s a long story but to make it short. I\'ve read the book online in the end of 2005. It changed my life forever and I made a huge transition from a person who was on anti-depressants in a person who is joyfully living. I\'m not a general fan who idolizes etc but on my writing desk I have a little picture of Michael together with pictures of my grandparents who are also in heaven. Wishing you love, light and peace. Lémone 

Answer : That is lovely and inspiring Lemone, thank you for that uplifting message.


Question from Angela Spirling

Michael was Magnificient and still is! I ponder and ponder what to ask, so many things! When Michael was growing up, what special thing or things did he like to do? Did he ever express what it was that he wanted to be when he grew up? What was his favorite food(s)? Did he like fast rides, like roller coasters? Yes, you need to write another book!!lol! I just love him! What song as a teenager was his favorite to listen to? Was he an animal lover? Did he clean his room growning up, such as making his bed everyday? Did you like him riding a motorcycle? Did he like to collect anything as a hobby? What food(s) did he dislike? Did he ever get to see or meet Elvis in person? How old was he when he started smoking? Did he like flying on airplanes? Do you think he would ever move or have a home in the United States? What was a favorite show of his growing up that he loved to watch? Did he prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream? As he grew older what was his favorite past time? Any favorite sports teams? Favorite stores and clothing brands? Who cut and styled his gorgeous locks?   I do want to let you know he was one of the greatest singers, never to be forgotten. A very precious soul. I apologize for all the question asking, but he was so truly cool and oh so hip. His voice amazing and smoothe. Never will there be another Michael. In all Sincerity and with love,Angie

Answers:Phew! That is about 25 questions! As we resided in Hong Kong until Michael was about 12 years old, he did not have to make his bed and tidy up, as we had servants to do that; but when we returned to Australia he had to learn fast as I was not going to let him get away with that. I wanted him to learn responsibility. I was very nervous about him owning a motorcycle, I think most mothers would be, but he had been riding motorcross for some time and you cannot stop your children from experimenting and living life. As a child he liked to work on model planes; I do not recall him collecting anything in particular; Michael loved to eat, he seemed to like everything; Michael never met Elvis Presley, though on his first tour of the United States he visited Graceland and much later was asked by Priscilla Presley to appear solo on a special tribute to EP and he sang 'Baby Lets Play House'.

I guess Michael was like any other teenager when it came to smoking, I am sure he experimented early. I did not notice him smoking very often, he tended to 'bum' cigarettes off others as he was always trying not to smoke. It was not good for his voice, especially when he was on tour. Michael loved to travel, he could sleep on planes very easily which is a blessing as he spent so much time in an aircraft.

Actually, right before he died he expressed an interest in moving to the United States. This was an attempt to get free of the British press. The American press is much more relaxed about celebrities. Also, it is closer to Australia. In Hong Kong we only had one English channel in the sixties, and Michael watched whatever was current, I do not recall any favourite shows. Between chocolate and vanilla - it would be chocolate. Michael love a good movie, he was always interested in the latest music and he frequented restaurants, he loved to travel and he liked to cook in his kitchen in the villa in the South of France.

Michael's hair was easy to care for, he was lucky. He never worried what stylist he went to, as it always came out well. Often a girlfriend would cut his hair or whatever stylist was on a video shoot or photo shoot.


Question from Anna Zuniga

Hello, Let me start by saying that I love Michael and his music very much.He died on my birthday Nov.22nd.I am a nurse who lives in Atlanta,GA.1.What is Michael\'s family relationship with Tiger Lily now?Do you see her as much a possible?2.Do you think if Michael never met Paula,would he still be alive.Grant it that the depression was already there.      Thanks,Anna

Answer : This is very difficult. We do not get to see Tiger, she lives too far away and Bob does not feel it is in his interest to promote a relationship between Tiger and her family. We do the best we can with phone calls and letters. I cannot change the outcome and I cannot say if he would still be alive had he not met Paula Yates. The sad thing is that he would not have had his little Tiger had he not met Paula, and he loved Tiger and now we do not get to see her.


Question from Sharen Van Fossen

I understand that there\'s a place for fans to observe the ceremony of the unveiling of the stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.  I contributed towards the Walk of Fame for Michael and was wondering if Patricia and Tina will be letting contributors or fans know in advance of the time and place of  Michael's Walk of Fame star ceremony so that fans have the opportunity to be there?  Michael Hutchence greatly deserves to have a star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame because he's the world's Shining Star and Loved One that's Heaven Sent. Michael Hutchence's beautiful voice and phenomenal music still touches the lives of millions and has made the world a brighter and a better place.  Sharen

 Answer :We certainly will - we hope it is not too much longer.


Question from danni linning

thank you firstly.will there be a book launch on the gold coast or signing day..where can i get a copy as well.thanks for your time.i reside not far from the gold coast so i am very interested.

Answer : When the book came out 8 years ago, there was a launch. Unfortunately it is out of print now.


Message from Sarah Madigan

Its been over 10 years, but feels like yesterday. Congratulations for creating such an amazingly talented, gentle, poetic soul. Michael\'s lyrics and voice will live on forever, I am so proud that he is Australian, I hear his music all the time. God bless Tiger and I can only hope that in time she will spend more time with your family and Australia so that she knows how proud our nation is of her Daddy.


Question from Anthony

Does Tiger have aspirations of following in her father's footsteps, with music or acting?

Answer :When Tiger visited me here on the Gold Coast two years ago, she never stopped singing and dancing. She has told me she wants to become an actress.


Question from Janice

Did Michael ever say what was his favorite INXS song?  And did he ever tell you which song he liked to perform most?Also wanted to let you know that his contributions to the world will not be forgotten.  He was one in a billion.  Never admired a person so much.

Answer : Not really. He was proud of most of the work he did with inxs, but as it goes with a performer who sings the songs night after night, they tire of certain songs. I think he liked performing and the reaction from the audience, but I do not recall that he had a favourite song. He did feel a special kindship to 'just a man' as it was about the family.


Question from Lauren Vina

How do you feel about Inxs moving on with out Michael, do you still keep in touch with the band?

Answer : I no longer keep in touch with the band -they have moved on and so they should, they are all very skilled musicians. It is hard for me to watch someone else fronting inxs and singing Michael's familiar tunes.


Question from Joseph Mico

Were you a fan of tribute songs for Michael, such as\"Stuck In A Moment\" by U2, "Gods Top Ten" by INXS or "Michael, you got alot to answer for" by Duran Duran?  Is it difficult to listen to these songs?

 Answer :It is difficult though I appreciate what all of these artists have done, I am not moved to listen to them. It is for the fans.


Message from Ms. Jaime L. Dragoo

First, I would like to say God Bless you \"Mother Hutchence!\"  You and Tina and the beloved Michael have been a source of inspiration to me these past 5 or so years.  I have not always been a fan of Michael\'s but in short let me say that even through death he still touches the lives and hearts of people across the globe.  I for one am a testimony to that.  I admire your courage and your peserverance for all of the falsehoods and negativity that you and your family have had to endure at the hands of the media etc, etc in regards to Michael\'s less than valliant departure from us...but let me say this, those of us \"true fans\" and I consider myslef to be one, love Michael regardless of his means of departure from this world.  We understand him, and his talents and what he stood for and represented as an artist and as a man.  You should be most proud of your son \"Mother Hutchence\"  and what he prosonafied.  He was obviously a kind hearted, gentile, compassionate, loving an! d empathic man... not only to those whom were closest to him in his life, but to those to whom he didn\'t even know.  I tell you this, I couldn\'t love him and respect him any more as an artist and a man if I had known him personally.  His art and character have come to resiginate deep within my heart and I know that I am but one of many from around world who is of \"like mind.\"  Michael has the ability to touch those most \"human\" places in all of us, those places that only a man who truly knows what real heart and soul is all about.  Should he have chosen to stay here among us, there is no telling what wonderful things he would have accomplished, my only regret \"Mother Hutchence\" was that I wish he could have really \"heard\" himself - that he could have been inspired by the love in his own words and song...if only his spirit could have been lifted up by what he himself had given millions of people......... if only.... a quick side note, I\'ve been collecting Hutchence Memorabilia for some time, it\'s a hobby...I even have your book \"Make-up is Magic.\"  I admire you and Tina as I know the both of you have to be women of true \"grit and backbone\" to survive all of what you have been through.  Heartfelt blessings to you all and may peace be with you always.  Jaime L. DragooakaMKHDiehard


Question from Robbie Carroll

Hi Patricia Wishing you healing energies always. Michael\'s anniversaries are celebrated every year in Sydney with special gatherings attended by fans from all over the world.The one held in November 2007 marking Michael\'s tenth passing was awesome. Do you believe Tiger will one day be able to attend these gatherings and fully experience the company and frienship of those people who were so and remain so deeply in love with your gifted late son? Emulate Peace xox Robbie CarrollMelbourne Australia

Answer : I believe that when Tiger is of age and can make her own decisions she will most likely be interested and in awe of the tributes her father has inspired. I would think that it would be of some comfort to her as she searches her identity.


Question from Helen Coburn

Not long after the first lot of the Idol series finished, I was sitting with a couple of friends having dinner outside a café that adjoined a shopping mall with movie theatres.  A very recognisable Guy Sebastian walked past with a friend and walked towards the mall.  Within seconds we could hear the screams of girls and it made me wonder how he would cope now with his sudden fame.   And so my question is how did Michael cope with suddenly being recognised?  And as his mother, how did you deal with it?

 Answer :I thought Michael did very well - he was always so casual about being recognized. He was friendly and gracious about signing autographs. I thought it was lovely how his music inspired people to want to know him. Sometimes it was hard when we were at a restaurant, but mostly he handled it well.


Question from Linda Cotto

I was thinking that I wanted to talk to you, ask you about Michael and also I was shy at the same time thinking the right words to such an important person as Patricia Glassop.First of all I want to thank you and Tina for writing Just a Man,  as it embrace all of us who did not knew personally Michael into your family and to Ricky who present this so well in the website. It made us a family and Michael my other brother. I\'am the same age as Michael. I could see a Man with no ego in Michael and I can see a loyal man to his friends even though I think they failed him, and I could not even think how the most important man the he designated as his daughter\'s Godfather could have behave in such a way after being appointed to such a personal important role and the treason involved with a good soul.  Life is a headache. I have a 13 year old son and one cannot be always at peace. Sometimes I can feel a joy of what will wait for us in the next life as a promised of something different and good in the flesh, as it was promised.  I like many parts in the book but the parts that I like most are the one when you tell us that Michael was born at the Mater of Misericodia Hospital, also the photograph of Tina with Michael as a baby, how Michael took care of Tina\'s son, also when Tina saw him  singing and he yell that word that you did\'nt  like, that made me laugh as if I was there, also the part Ross is commenting about Lenny Kravitz hat and the going to the supermarket and bought a Capón because there where no turkey, the photograph of Erin with a guitar with Michael, also about the chemicals (black haircolor) that Paula applied to Michael\'s hair made me think she wanted the \"girls fans\" away.  Also of Michelle, the part of the doves that you saw in the window and Tiger Lily gestures like Michael. I suffered with you and admire your patience and Tina\'s, how you deal with the   About Tiger Lily I don\'t know why I\'am not worry about her and the feelings that my son have about his grandmother you will not believe that he remembers that her Grandmother used to read him stories and she died in 1998. He smiled when I ask him if he remembers her and he told me that yes he remember her when she used to read him the stories. He was 4 years old when she died. I wanted to ask so many things but maybe there are a little to \"girlish\" like what was Michaels favorite color, breakfast, ethnic food and something more personal if you want to share a special dream of Michael or just another sign. By my part I can tell you that I was not waiting sign of Michael but then I saw a video that you mentionedin the book \"I\'am searching\", I looked in youtube.com  the night of the 10th annyversary, and particular I liked the part when inside the taxi he looked at the full moon.  The day after the day of the 10th anyversary my Husband and son told me that I should go outside to see the moon and it was \"spectacular\" all the clouds where around the moon and the moon was full and beautifull, I thought, ok, thank you God, that is Michael\'s sign. I want to thank you again for taking time in reading this, hope you are ok, and I want to tell you that I like your hair style. Bye and love,Linda CottoPuerto Rico

 Answer :Well as I have said, Michael loved food - he was not afraid to try anything. He was very fond of curries in particular. He liked a big 'Aussie' breakfast if he had time. eggs over easy, side of bacon, fried tomato and potatoes. I occasionally have dreams about Michael, but I keep them private.


 Message from Diane Dufais

Dear mrs Glassop, I don\'t have a question for you - I assume you have many questions yourself about Michael. I just wanted to let you know that your extraordinary son has touched my life in a very special way. Ten years after his tragic death I still think of him and your family very often. His songs bring back thoughts of happiness to me, and they will continue to do so for the years to come. He will be never forgotten, forever in our hearts. Wishing you the very best of health and peace for the future. Best regards,Diane, The Netherlands


Question from laurie ulibarri

Many of us sent you letters and hope you are doing well.  I would like to know if you believe Michael is still around watching over you and your family?  I truly believe he is. He was very spiritual and he helps many of us fans also. We love you Patricia.

Answer : I believe I will see Michael in the after life. I guess he is still around, though it is hard for me to think of him feeling our pain  for his passing and in particular that we do not have much contact with Tiger Lily.


Question from luis

hola patricia, siendo tantos años fan de inxs y en particular de michael, quisiera saber,¿cómo fué michael fuera de los escenarios, en particular en su casa rodeado de sus afectos?

 Translated : Hello patricia, being so many years they fan of inxs and in michael individual, it wanted to know, how was michael outside the scenes, in individual in its house surrounded by its affection?

Answer :I think you mean was he the same as he was on stage. He was a very articulate man, well read, and funny. He had a good sense of humour and loved to tell stories and use accents. He was very loving and a good son.


Question from Luisa

I\'d need to know from Patricia and Tina if they \'d be pleasured of an Italian translation of their book. I\'d be very honoured to do it and I feel I MUST. The book is not available here in Rome but I can order it at Anglo American Bookshop. Un abbraccio da Luisa 

 Answer :I do not know how to answer this as it has copyright. I would love for more fans to read about Michael, but I would have to see what the legalities are. I appreciate your offer though.


Message from sandra

Hi, i just wanted to tell you thank you for having such a wonderful, beautiful,gorgeous, talented son Michael, i absolutely adore him, i just had a baby boy & i named him Michael, after your son Michael Hutchence, I never thought i could have a child (i\'m 36 yrs old) but your son Michael was an inspiration to me, i listened to his music & his beautiful voice everyday & i fell pregnant, i guess i was more relaxed  his music made me happy. i even listened to Inxs whilst i gave birth!! so it just felt right that i named my first & only son, Michael. Also 1 month before i fell pregnant, i had a dream of Michael, it was so real, that i could even smell him, it was very vivid, i\'ve never had a dream like that before in my whole life, i saw his face in great detail, i\'ve never told anybody about this dream, not even to my husband. Michael appeared to me, like he was, back in the eighties, it seemed to me that was when he was at his happiest. please dont think i\'m crazy, im not ! but i thought as Michael\'s mother you should know this. I know what its like to loose a loved one, both my mother & brother died at a very young age, I was only a baby at the time, so i have to live without them my whole life, which is the most horrible thing, not a day goes by that i dont think about them, including Michael. anyway please keep this private it would mean alot to me. thank you for taking the time to read my email, my thoughts are with you & your family & Tiger Lily. I know what its like for a little girl to be without her parents, as i was once that little girl, & still am. God Bless you , your family Tiger Lily, & of course Michael xxx  Sandra 


Question from Cathy

Hello Patricia! Some of my favorite parts of Just a Man were stories of Michael\'s childhood. Many of us are mums too, and I thought it would be interesting to know things you might have written in a baby book. Such as the time when he was born, how much he weighed, when he crawled, walked , first words, sappy stuff like that, that mums like to share. I hope you had a short,easy labor. If not, it was a job well done! Thank you Patricia! Love, Cathy

Answer : Michael was a normal weight, 7.5 lbs., he crawled at 6 months; walked at 1 year, one month; and his first words were(I am assuming you mean his first sentence) 'Look at that, what is it?' -he was pointing at an unusual button on my dress. I guess he said this as we would say to him, 'Look at that" when there was something interesting in a children's book. Otherwise it was the usual first words, Dad, Mum, etc.


Question from Christian Nossiter

Hello, thank you for Q&A. Michael was a great songwriter. You must be proud! Do you know what was Michael\'s favourite INXS song?

 Answer :I really do not. I think he changed as he wrote new songs he would be excited about the new work. I do know he was proud of 'just a Man'.


Question from Renaye

:I was wondering what Michael\'s favorite cologne that he wore? Thank you for sharing your precious memories of your son He is still very much missed by so many. Their e-mail address is: woodruff_k@sbcglobal.net

 Answer :He was partial to 'Habit Rouge'.


Question from Maja

Are you in any kind of contact with Tiger?(maybe through e-mail,internet???) 

Answer :Telephone, I like to hear her voice.


Question from Diana George

First, I\'d like to thank Patricia, so much, for graciously offering to answer our questions. I think many of us feel connected to Michael through you and your willingness to share with us is priceless to us. I loved your book with Tina, it was a really beautiful glimpse into who Michael was, as a man. I was wondering what Michael\'s favorite book, food and holiday were, as a child? And if there were any family traditions that he particularly loved?  p.s. thanks for doing this Ricky and have fun down under!

Answer: Michael was an exceptionally good eater, but he loved pasta. I cannot recall his favourite book other than when he was very young, he loved the Dr Seus books. Of course he loved Christmas morning, the waiting for everyone to be present to open gifts.


Message from Helen Coburn

Dear Patricia I just wanted to say a short message.  You were very blessed to have such a beautiful son.  Michael got my attention from the moment I heard his voice.  Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet him or see him perform live, I only wish I had made more of an effort.  But I am extremely shy so I never would have approached him anyway.  I am grateful for the hours of footage and photos that remind us all of a beautiful soul who spread joy to so many.  And continues to do so.  Michael inspires me personally each day in many ways.  He continues to live on thru Tiger Lily, his very own “mini me”.  So many of us wonder what it is about Michael that drew us to him.  I got my answer one day while watching some home video footage.  It’s the light that shines from within (his aura) and they say people are attracted to the light, they also say like attracts like.  There is so much more I could and want to say….maybe one day if the opportunity arises. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous son with the rest of the world and for nurturing him into the adult he became.  He will always be in my thoughts, prayers and have a place in my heart, along with those he loved dearly.  Because of my love for him I have made and met so many beautiful friends over the last few years, all who seem to have the same qualities that Michael displayed. Love and blessings to you and your family...alwaysHelen Coburn (Adelaide) 


Message from *D*in Seattle,USA

I just want to say that even so many years later,Michael\'s music still touches my soul.He was a treasure.I\'m sure you miss him so.I am also a mom.I know our children are everything to us.may God bless you,your family,and little Tiger.Peace and love,*D*


Question from Joanne(love4everMichael)

I have many question about Sweet Michael
1)Did Michael had his boat?
2)Which christmas music Michael listenned on christmas time?
3)You wrote that Michael liked to receive his family and to cook for them on christmas time..What he liked the most cook for you?Did he cooked the dessert,pastry too?
3)Michael purchased an handwritten poem by John Lennon..Was that poem:``Imagine``?
 4)In your book,you(or Tina) wrote(on the page 205) that Michael impressed you as he spoke of his concerns about nature and the environment; he was putting money into studies for some marine environment projects..I`d like to know what he thank about it?
 5)What Michael wished the most for Tiger,his daughter in her life,in the futur?..he talked about something he wished,he wanted for her when she will be a woman in the futur?.. I want to let you know a Big ``Thank You ``for your biography; I adore that book:)It`s a treasure for me:))I often read again, and I Love to read the letters Michael wrote to you and Tina and to see the beautiful pictures, memories from Michael!:))Michael was an Adorable man, be proud of him:))) Love,Peace and Happiness to you and your family:)) Joanne(love4everMichael) Mtl,Canada.

Answer :1) Michael did not own a boat, though he often borrowed a friends' boat.

2) We all liked contemporary versions of Christmas songs by Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and the likes.

3) Michael cooked a lot of seafood, and he often experimented with curries. No pastry. The poem was an obscure piece that we never saw. John Lennon wrote a lot of poetry. The executors took all of this and we do not know what happened to it.

4) Tina wrote that he told her about providing funds for the environment. He was aware of what we call 'global warming' way before it was popular. He left a lot of money to Greenpeace in his Will, though it is doubtful that they saw any of it - as the executors were fought any of Michael's wishes.

5) I only remember him talking about his wish for Tiger to grow up in a normal situation. He thought that as soon as she was of school age she should attend her studies in Australia. Michael admired and appreciated the Australians for their 'down to earth' attitude.

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