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A Statue For Michael Hutchence

This fan based campaign, which started in June of 2016, is a moving tribute for Sydney born Michael Hutchence.  Sydney was Michael's home; a place he loved and the city he planned to reside. Two fans, Rosanda Herbert and Vincent Lamaro  organized this campaign; they wanted Michael to be acknowledged for his career achievements. They thought of the idea of a life sized bronze statue  for Michael so he could be honored in a lasting and tangible way.

Michael's sister Tina Hutchence was approached and agreed to join the campaign with the idea of having her brother immortalized in the form of a bronze statue in front of the new ICC theater in Sydney's Darling Harbour.  This new theater was built to replace the old Sydney Entertainment Center which held many memories and career milestones for Michael.   

#AStatueForMichaelHutchence social media campaign was launched on several media platforms via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Hundreds of fans and celebrities from all over the world have supported and told their stories on why Michael deserves such an honor.  Along with Tina Hutchence and Vincent Lamaro the campaign's team consists of Kelly Poulter, Shanon Steele, Robbie Carroll, and Michael's long time friend Richard Simpkin.    

A Change.Org petition was started to appeal support from the Government bodies in Australia.  As of now, the campaign has over 5300 signatures from fans and industry peers from all over the world and is still growing.

The campaign's team continues to work with state and local Australian Governments seeing the project comes to fruition.  We've had wonderful support making sure Michael is honored in a lasting way for future generations.  It's time to honor a legend.


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